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Melissa L.

Hi there! 


We absolutely love our Toby! His full name is Tobias Finn Nicolosi and his nicknames are tobers, tobes,  toby doo,  tobe a doodle.


His favorite games are catch,  monkey in the middle, tug of war,  and tag with his older brother mikey. 


His has learned some new tricks too! We have added shaking with both paws, lay, stay or wait,  roll over, spin,  and nicely which is him taking a treat nicely and not snatching. 


His bad habits that are being worked on are looking for food at all times this guy could eat all day but we still have him on the same diet Lisa set him to. He does eat his or Mikey's poo which we were told to add a small amount of pumpkin to their food which we are at about a week of trying that. He tries to chase bunnies on his walks so we are trying to train him to heal a bit better. We did find that now that he knows he is home he did get very protective of us. He will try to nip (not bite) at strangers but is easily won over when they shake hands with treats a couple of times. 


We do have a trainer here in Rockford on standby in case any of his bad habits are things we find we are not getting under control but honestly he is so smart and behaved we don't forsee any problems.


His all time favorite places are on mom's legs, in dad's arms or by his feet, or in his self warming bed. He gets along great with his brother Mikey and Jim's 7yr old daughter. 


We want to thank this organization for the opportunity to love him with all of our hearts and a special thanks to Lisa for taking care of him before we could. We could not imagine our lives without him. 




Yoshi is doing wonderful! He is so smart and sweet we love having him.  He is such a cuddle bug and loves everyone he meets.  I've attached a few pictures of some of the fun we've had with him. We've gone to a few dog events where he was able to make some dog friends and get socialized with people and dogs as well as a canoe trip that he had a blast on.

Our adoption experience  with you guys was great. I really loved the time and effort you put into finding the right home for the animals you rescue.  It really shows that you care for the animals you save.

Thanks again for helping us find our furbaby!


Parker fka. Jasper

Terissa C. 

Remember that sweet scruffy boy who had his left front leg amputated named Jasper? This tri-paw’d pup is now known as Parker, and has been acclimating well to his new ‘furever home’ for about two months now. 


Life has been wonderful, and quite busy, since he joined our family in June. He has three (human) siblings, two sisters and a brother, that love to play and snuggle with him. Parker also shares something special in common with his big sister, Sky. When she was born she didn’t have a left hand too.  Together they are showing the world it doesn’t require all hands or paws to be confident and conquer whatever you want! 


Parker has already proven to be a great travel buddy, when he went with us on a family trip up north to Minnesota at the beginning of July.. he didn’t even one ask, “are we there yet”, like the million times his siblings did (haha!). 


When he isn’t out adventuring in his big yard chasing birds, Parker loves hanging out at the baseball fields wagging his tail and watching his two sisters play! He loves when foul balls are hit, because he believes those ones are meant for him to catch!  


To be honest, we think he is quite the catch and couldn’t be more grateful we have the opportunity of giving him his forever home with our family and to love him beyond measure. 


Thank you A Little R&R Animal Sanctuary and to his wonderful foster family who cared for him through his amputation and recovery. You have brought such joy to our lives with such a sweet pup! #adopted 


Sophie fka. Adella

Karen D. 

We have Sophie, formally Adella. We can imagine not having her in our lives!  She is loved by us all including her two older furry sisters!


Roxie fka. Petal

Megan W.

Hi!  We adopted Petal.  Her new name is Roxie.  She gets along great with everyone in our family.  Still working on warming up to my husband but every night after everyone is in bed and we are watching TV, she climbs up on the couch and lets him pet her.  She is really clumsy which is really funny.

Cheif fka. Uno.jpg

Cheif fka. Uno

Kaitlyn T.

Can’t believe that’s the same dog Chief fka Uno. He’s my running buddy, hiking buddy, and best bud. I can’t imagine life without him.  

Wrangler and Nova.jpg

Wrangler & Nova fka. Trouble & Tetris

Ugne & Scott C.

We adopted Wrangler and Nova, who are from the same litter, at the same time. The intent was to adopt one from the litter but we had fallen in love with both and we are SO glad we did. The process was smooth and the rescue was very accommodating as we were transitioning to a new home. Wrangler and Nova could not have been more polar opposite. Wrangler is outgoing and loves human interaction. Nova loves interacting with other dogs and is human specific to who she shows affection to. We are so happy to have them both as siblings because they love each other and are so crazy with one another. They both love to cuddle up with us, with each other and our close family members. They are loved by so many. Thank you for bringing this much love and joy to our lives!



Brooke E. 

Maddox’s favorite things are car rides , pup cups , naps (lots of naps) , playing outside and chewing one of his 110 toys to choose from 😂 He’s been an amazing addition . He’s so grateful for the love and attention he’s given . After this experience I so strongly believe in adopting not shopping. We couldn’t have asked for a better best-friend 💙


Hera fka. Blossom

Natalie M.

Here’s Hera (Blossom). She’s doing great. Totally and completely housebroken, sleeps all night, loves her kids and her new home.  She’s never more than 3 feet from one of us for too long and she’s goofy as can be.

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