Mar 19, 2018


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Kyara came home to live with us in January. She was about 16lbs then. She had a meet and greet today with my Vet and she is now a whopping 30lbs. Kyara and her lab sister Brystol have bonded well. So happy to have found her.

Sep 13

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  • petter2526
    Nov 5

    Hi, My new cat, Karma, is having some problems already. Yesterday, I noticed that her right eye was watering a lot and she had a decent amount of eye boogers on it. Later in the day, she wasn't keeping it open as wide as her other eye. This morning, it was even more closed and when I got back from a run, she was under my bed taking a nap. Once I woke her up, she wouldn't open her right eye at all. I think that it is matted shut or something like that. This is my first dealings with a kitty eye problem so what should I do? The emergency vet is open today so that is an option or is this something that can wait until tomorrow for my regular vet? Is there anything that I should look for in the mean time? Could this be really serious or am I just a kitty parent that's freaking out for no reason? Any help will be apprecited. I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. References: Blockchain Business Opportunities Thank you.
  • petter2526
    Nov 5

    Hi, I've noticed that there are pink stars above some of my pets! With the traders identity attached! 1. Can other traders feed my pets? 2. Why? 3. And how come I cannot? 4. What does a trader get for tapping on someone else's pet. I know I'm getting a pink star. 5. Are u testing something? 6. When do u tentatively plan to go system wide? Any help will be apprecited. I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. References: Blockchain Application Examples Thank you.
  • petter2526
    7 days ago

    Hi, This is a time of year when lots of people think about getting a dog/puppy so i was thinking a thread with the realities in it for those "browsers" out there might be a good idea. Feel free to add your own "realities". This is not meant to put people off as such but this thread should contain the nitty gritty sometimes a bit grim reality of owning a dog for life rather than the cute fluffy "it will all be wonderful" view we all have when we decide to get a pup. For More Details: 3D Explainer

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