Apr 4, 2018

Anti-cat dog door?




So I have a dilemma, albeit a good one.. We'll be closing on a home purchase in about a week. We have a small boxer bitch, and two cats. The new house has a good sized, fully-fenced back-yard. This will be great because now I'll be able to just open the door to let her do her thing, instead of going up and down three flights of stairs. What would be even better would be a dog-door, so she can go out whenever she wants. She's getting older, and over time will probably need to go out more and more often. The problem with this idea is my two cats. I don't want them to get outside. While the yard is well-fenced, it's a cat paradise with lots of trees and things to climb and escape. They are strictly indoor-cats, save for trips to the third-floor balcony. One of them hates the dog, won't go near it, I don't think he will be much of an issue. My other cat, though, loves the dog, the dog loves him, and they are always tagging along with each other. He is a *very* smart cat, and I am sure will figure out the dog-door in no time at all. So here is the problem--- how do you let a 45lb dog in/out as often as she pleases, while keeping the cats inside? The only solution I've thought of so far (which I don't think exists) is an electronic door with two types of keys -- a dog key and a cat key. The dog door will only open if there is a dog-key near, with no cat-key near at the same time. (My only fear is the 'evil' cat will sleep next to the dog door, on purpose, to keep the dog out...) Does anyone know if such a door exists? My Googling came up empty. Maybe other ideas? I'm certain the usual electronic-key method won't work, because the cat will just squeeze out with the dog. There may be other options -- the back door opens into a screened porch, which will also need it's own dog door. Perhaps some kind of dog-cat airlock system..


Any help will be apprecited.


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Jul 24

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Oct 18

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