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About Our Rescue Team

A Little R&R Animal Sanctuary Inc is happy to join the animal-loving community to help make a difference in the lives of pets both locally and internationally.  R&R Sanctuary is currently operating as a small foster-based rescue with the ability to pull from several high-kill shelters, provide licensed foster homes, and adopt to verified individuals. We are a 501(c)3 NONPROFIT.




Our mission is to provide sanctuary for forgotten, unloved, and un-cared for animals in the form of foster homes.


It is our goal that the foster home serves as a temporary placement until a proper forever home is found. We aim to provide education about pet care and an understanding that pets are a lifetime commitment. We promote population control by spaying and neutering our pets as well as requiring resident pets to be sterilized prior to adoption. 


Our current focus is dogs and cats and occasional small creatures.




Our vision is to have a positive impact on animal welfare and reduce the number of unwanted pets.


R&R Sanctuary plans to operate a facility to offer life-long sanctuary to animals who are less adoptable or cannot be placed. We will continue to use fosters homes to save the lives of animals as we believe a home environment is best. We hope to expand our network and become well-known and respectable within the rescue community. We hope to have an impact on decreasing the euthanasia rate in the Chicagoland area in order to help Chicago become a  No-Kill city.


It would be a pleasure to someday be able to care for farm animals as well as small pets since we respect all animals lives.




We are a rescue. We do not simply house animals but provide a nurturing home.


We are No-Kill. No healthy, treatable, rehabilitate animals will be euthanized. Any pet that has issues outside our capability or experience will be transferred to another rescue with whom we have reached an agreeable understanding for the pets care.


We care about all animals. We rescue locally, nationally and internationally - all lives matter. Also, most members within our board follow a humane, local or vegan diet.


We are very serious about life-long commitments. Once an animal crosses our doors, our commitment is to resume responsibility for the entirety of its life. We fulfill this by requiring the pet to come back to us if re-homing is necessary and providing the adopters with any addition support or advice throughout the lifetime of the pet.


We are strong advocates for pet sterilization.




Renee first started A Little R&R Animal Sanctuary while attending medical school on a Caribbean island with poor animal welfare. Having been an avid animal lover prior to this experience and on the journey back to Chicago, she rescued numerous dogs, cats, and even goats! Renee officially opened A Little R&R Animal Sanctuary in April 2014.

From there we were able to build our small board - full of people who love animals and share our passion to save as many as we can. We have become partners with several high-kill shelters throughout the states, enabling us to pull pets - and transport teams to help us. We have a growing foster network and have hit over 1,000 intakes in 2022. That is over 1,000 lives saved! 

We rely on your donations to keep us running and to continue to rescue more pets.


License number: 14717

We are an insured, nonprofit corporation with our 501(c)3!!

Meet Our Team


Renee Harvey - Owner, Founder, and President of R&R Sanctuary

As a self-proclaimed Biocentric, I firmly believe that we all need to live our lives to better the entire world we live in. This includes seeing all the creatures of this world as equal; we all deserve love and respect, and with opening A Little R&R I believe we will be able to make a greater impact on the lives of many that would face a life on the streets or worse, death.


I have been married since 2006, and my husband is an absolute saint for putting up with my addiction to the rescue world. We personally have 1 dog, 2 cats, 2 pigs, 2 goats, 2 mini horses and lots of chickens. We had an amazing little girl in 2018 that is the ultimate kitten whisperer. Having just welcomed a little boy in 2023 our heart are full! We have a constant revolving door for all my rescues. My little zoo welcomes each animal with open arms!

I am elated to start 2024 as we begin the process of building a physical facility for our sanctuary. This will be a safe haven for all those animals that need a place to call home.  You can contact me directly at

Karen Diete.JPeg

Karen Diete - Adoption Coordinator

Why am I involved with A Little R&R Animal Sanctuary?


Any place I go, I am hoping to run into a dog or cat!  I have always loved dogs, and if I could I would have acres and acres of land to give as many dogs a home as possible. Since I don’t see that in my future, I have to try and help to get as many dogs and cats into loving homes.  


My family and I have adopted our dogs through R&R. I knew after we adopted the first one I needed to help in any way I could. I think volunteering is in my blood. I started with calling veterinary offices to check on the resident animals. Eventually I started doing virtual home visits as well. You’ll see me at many of the animal transport events loving on all the dogs and puppies that come in. I try to attend as many of the fundraising events as possible. You may even get an email response from me inquiring about one of our amazing animals up for adoption.  


My family and I foster puppies and kittens. By fostering kittens, my family quickly realized we will be adopting a pair of kittens sometime in our future! 


I hope someday we will meet, while doing your virtual home visit, in hopes of finding you the perfect pet for your home!


Always remember, “Saving one animal will not change the world, but surely for that one animal, the world will change forever.”  Helping to save one animal at a time!


Beth Schlueter - Adoption Coordinator


Hello! My name is Beth Schlueter. I have been volunteering with A Little R&R Animal Sanctuary since December of 2019, helping to process all of the adoption applications.


I am originally from Berwyn, Illinois, went to college in Madison, Wisconsin, and now split time living in St. Petersburg, Florida and Muskego, Wisconsin with my husband, Eric, and our dog Coal. Coal is a rescue super mutt but we think mostly black lab and pit. I love to read all types of books, enjoy daily walks with Coal, and we love to travel in our RV! I love that I get to spend my time volunteering from where ever we may go since it is all remote, and it makes me so happy to see these animals find their forever homes!


Thank you so much to everyone who rescues, adopts, and makes sure our pets are safe and healthy!

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