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2015-2017 HAPPY TAILS!


Mr. Meowagi

Stacy M.

This pretty kitty was nabbed up super quick when his new home fell in love.

Lady and Gertrude (3).jpg

Lady & Gertrude fka. Kaitlyn & Chloe

Marla Y.

Hi! Here are Lady and Gertrude Youngblood

Lady was adopted November 2nd 2015

Gertrude was adopted December 30, 2017

Attached are both of their adoption day photos.

R & R completed are family each time we adopted our sweet girls.

Lady was a bit of a special case and we thank R & R for taking such good care of her, so many others would have given up or not taken her in.

Gertrude was a doll from day one and has the biggest personality in her tiny little body.




We LOVE Ginny.  She is such a little sweetheart with the nicest of natures.  We feel so blessed to have her.  Ginny has given me a new leash (no pun intended) on life.  "Who rescued who" is such an accurate and true statement.  Ali has been such a wonderful help to us too.  You are lucky to have her part of your organization.  She is very passionate and committed to these wonderful little dogs!

Thanks so much again!!!



Sarah S

We're having so much fun with her and she's definitely keeping us moving  She's such a happy puppy who loves everyone!!  She couldn't be any cuter too:)

Everyone we worked with through R&R has been so great!  Thank you so much for everything you do!



Ali E.

I adopted my little Sasha from A Little R&R in April and I couldn't be happier.  Sasha came from a shelter in Kentucky where she surely would've been euthanized if R&R didn't step up for her.  I met Renee at the vet to pick Sasha up and officially adopt her but unfortunately she had some medical issues that were going to have to be examined further.  R&R stood by us the entire time and wouldn't let me adopt her officially until all the issues were resolved.  Now I have a happy healthy pup who came to me fully potty trained, up to date on shots and microchipped.  I would adopt from R&R again, and actually plan to in the near future!  



Joe V

Our adoption started with my daughter finding a photo of Chewy and Leia on the A Little R & R Animal Sanctuary web site.  We had been looking for a dog to replace our 12 year old mix breed dog that we lost to cancer in December.I sent an email to inquire about Chewy and got a response back from R & R within the hour.  My wife and I set an appointment to go see Chewy that weekend.We met Renee and Rosalie at the house where Chewy was located.  We fell in love with Chewy and completed our application and submitted our references. Our two young adults got home from college last weekend and we took them over to see the dog.  They also fell in love and we knew we had to have Chewy as part of our home.Renee was fantastic through the whole process and Chewy has now been part of our home for the past 24 hours and will be forever!R & R is highly recommended by our family!  They genuinely care about the process and making sure that these unwanted dogs find a permanent home.



Tasha T

In January I seen a picture on Facebook of a beautiful puppy from anguilla , but I never said anything because I thought my husband would think i had lost the last bit of my mind since we already had 4 dogs, 3 cats and a miniature pony!! However every time I logged in, i seen her picture and on valentine's day I seen a collage of pictures of the beautiful sadie,  and it said will you be my forever valentine!? Well my heart became over whelmed  with the love I could give this baby. We had already adopted one puppy from anguilla, and i wanted to save another one. So i showed my husband and he also immediately fell in love. ‎He asked me where she was and what we could do to adopt her, so I sent the email to find out. The reply came back within minutes, but it was a reply of sadness for me when I found out she was in elgin IL and me being in new brunswick Canada, my husband and I figured there was no way we could adopt her. I mean, how would we get her to us when we lived so far away. Well let me say the girls at a little r&r animal sanctuary are absolutely fantastic! When they found out that we had rescued all of our other animals ‎including our current angullian rescue baby, Renee said if we were willing to open our home and hearts to sadie, then she would be ours.  And somehow they would get her from where she was to us.  Sadie left her loving foster family on a Friday and on a Sunday thanks to the help of a lot of volunteers and some pretty spectacular people a month after I sent the email wondering about sadie, she was in my arms and being smothered with kisses and instantly became part of our family!  I could never say thank you enough for the people that made this happen! You guys are just amazing!SincerelyTasha, Ryan And a the critters!  Lots of puppy kisses being sent your way.



Jean H

What a great experience I had working with Renee and Rosalie in adopting a dog for my brother-in-law.  I had been looking for just the right puppy/dog for him for 6 months, and stumbled upon Munchkin in the Adopt a Pet screen.  From there I was able to find the Little R&R Animal Sanctuary where Munchkin was staying.  I sent an e-mail  requesting information and my e-mail was answered with in the same day with all of my questions answered.  I then sent my telephone number asking to speak to someone about adopting the puppy.  I was called the next day and an appointment to see the pup was set upfor the next day!  I was asked to fill out a great deal of paperwork, give references, veterinarian telephone numbers and if we would agree to a home visit. Unbelievable.....within 3 days, all the references were called, the vet check was done and on Saturday Munchkin was delivered to our home by Rosalie and Renee.  They also brought some toys and food.  What a great group of people to work with and what a very happy puppy well taken care of puppy my brother-in-law became the owner of.  I would happily work with group again!  Thank you for your great animal care.



Cynthia K.

While going through FB and sharing all animal content needs, I ran across this beautiful and soulful dog named, Winnie. I normally look at them, read their stories and pray for each of them to find a forever home, then share. But, this time I looked into her eyes and she pulled my heartstrings personally. I immediately followed my usual process plus making the comment that "if someone could get her to me, I'd adopt her." It was less than two days from that point everything was setting in motion.A little R&R Sanctuary began their process. It was the most timely and expedient process I've ever encountered. From the application process to the home check and ultimately the home coming was amazing! It was a wonderful experience from start to finish. (Texas to NC) The care, love and devotion these ladies have for their rescues is exceptional and making sure each animal is in good hands at all times. My new baby is now named Angel, no one would ever know by her actions that she led a caged, abused and an unloved life for nearly 6 years, all due to the wonderfully loving care she received from moment of rescue through three months of fostering. The care was so impeccable its as though she had no trouble or cares in the world.When I can add another family member to our family,A little R&R SanctuaryIs the only rescue I'll go to; I know many and much closer, but this one is special just like their rescues!



Lauren S.

My husband and I currently live in Laramie, Wyoming. We had, unexpectedly, lost our 3 yr. old dog in December 2014. A month later we decided it was the right time to bring in another love into our little family. We started searching around on the internet and facebook and came across a "High Risk" post for around 20 puppies needing rescue in TX. One little girl from the group really stood out to us. P8! We started contacting the shelter personnel and following the comments feed right away to try and get this girl pulled before her time was up. After a very short time, we saw that A Little R&R had shown interest in wanting to pull her. We immediately contacted them asking what we needed to do on our end as possible adopters, since this was our first time adopting out of state. We are so happy to say that our little P8, now named Riley, was successfully pulled (by A Little R&R) the day before her euthanization date, as well as the rest of the pups! We were more than thrilled to hear that she was safe! Rosalie started contacting us with the adoption application and informing us of the transport process. Riley was fostered for the two weeks it took to get transport set up with local transport teams. On January 23rd, 2014, Riley started her long journey from Longview, TX to Laramie, WY. We are now enjoying Riley and she is loving having a big dog-sister! We could NOT thank Renee and Rosalie enough for all of their help with our many questions and always keeping us up-to-date on the process of adoption and transport!!! And especially stepping in to save Riley's life! She is so happy in her furever home and we are so in love with her! We will forever hold A Little R&R in our hearts <3 --- Lauren, Chris, Sassy, & Riley

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