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Julie S.

We adopted Doby (previously Dobby) and the process couldn’t have been easier. His foster mom, Catherine was so accommodating of our schedules in setting up meeting him and was honest in the information about Doby. A dog is a big responsibility so it was reassuring to see how diligent R&R is with the adoption process. We knew there would be an adjustment and training period but our patience is paying off. Doby is so cuddly and clearly wants to be the best dog he can be. Petting him and having him jump on our laps for a cuddle has been so calming and the walks make us take breaks and get out in the fresh air. He’s already made many neighborhood friends.  We are very happy and grateful for our new furry family member!



Bethany N

I adopted Tiana on October 1st this year.  After almost 2 months she is already settled in and being so spoiled.  She loves everyone she meets and everyone who meets her loves her back.  She is a true bundle of love and kisses.  I can't wait to experience her first Christmas in her forever home.  


GiGI fka. Honey

Randi L.

We have named Honey “GiGi”. And she has 100% adjusted 


She and my golden doodle are the best of friends. They are constantly cuddling and playing. She and the Shepard are more like rival siblings ha ha. They mess with each other all day and it’s hilarious. (All playful).


She was of course shy and learning her environment for the first few days and would slowly start to explore more. Now, you can find her snuggled up with any one of the kids, or my husband. Or playing with the dogs. She is perfectly naughty and we love it. I’ve never had a cat that did “cat things”. She climbs on my laptop when I’m working. Scales the Christmas tree that we need to take down. Jumps around on our dressers etc. She is playful and comical. We adore her!  


She has claimed her thrown in the house and we all bow down to the 3 lb queen that she has become . She’s sweet, confident, funny and comfortable. 


She is perfect!  And she is happy. And the perfect addition to the home. Thank you again for everything!!!


Smokey fka. Timothy

Beckel Family

I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for blessing us with our newest addition to our family, Smokey (formerly Timothy). :-) He is THE BEST kitten we have ever had!!! He talks to us when we are playing in another room and is hungry or needs to use his litter box and needs help finding his way back to his food bowl or litter box.  He is also so playful AND loves to snuggle!!! He will also rub noses and foreheads with us.  He is just so precious!! :-) We love him with ALL of our hearts!!  I am very sorry for being such a pain in the butt to adopt him.  We were just very eager to have him come to his forever home. Now that he is here, he has exceeded our expectations and we cannot stop smiling.


So thank you again from the bottom of our hearts!!

image3 (1).jpeg

Oakley fka. Twix

Brown Family

We have had Twix, who is now named Oakley, for a month now and he has been the perfect addition to our family!!  Our other dog, Daisy, just adores her little brother.  They are pretty much  inseparable.  Oakley loves to play fetch and chew on his bones.  He is the best cuddler too.  He loves his crate where he sleeps every night upstairs with us.  

We all adore and love him so much!


Arrow fka. Gucci

Kristen P.

The whole ride home Arrow held my hand through the crate, it was so sweet! Arrow is THE biggest snuggler. He is always on my lap or following me through the house where ever I go. He is so great with the kids and lets them snuggle him, pick him up, he even helps them during bedtime routine when they brush their teeth, he's right up on the counter ensuring they get it done! He loves watching my son play with his Beyblades and being apart of my daughters tea parties. It only took Arrow and our kitten Echo 2 days to get used to each other and now they're the best of friends. They play, help groom one another, sleep together and do well with eating near each others bowls. Arrow is extremely spoiled by everyone in the house. He's been such a great addition to our family. 


Working with Little R&R overall was a wonderful experience. Everyone was so kind and helped in making the adoption process very smooth and easy. It was nice to see pictures and videos of our kitten all the way up until the day we could bring him home. His foster parent, Leslie, was so sweet and answered all of my questions as we went through the entire process. I will be recommending Little R&R to anyone wishing to make an adoption. 

luna fka Lincoln.jpg

Luna fka. Lincoln

Filka K.

Luna (previously known as Lincoln) is doing great! She’s so playful, energetic and super cuddly as well. She’s adjusted so well with our other cat too. They often cuddle together and it’s the sweetest to see We’re so happy we got to adopt her!

Jersey (1).JPG


Mike D.

My wife and I adopted Jersey three months ago and have been so incredibly lucky to have her. The process with the R&R team was incredibly smooth, and we had all the information we ever needed to welcome the newest member of our family to our home. 

Jersey is doing incredibly well and has adapted really well to her new city life. She is a constant source of joy for me and my wife, whether it's waking us up to go on her daily morning walk or playing fetch in the lake. 

Thank you again for everything!

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