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Winona fka Remy.jpg

Winona fka. Remy

Christian M. 

Winona, formerly Remy, has gotten her own apartment, and a degree in particle physics. She writes to us from time to time, when her litter box needs to be changed, and when she’s hungry, and I’m pretty sure she’s on her way to solving world hunger. If I’m not mistaken, I believe world domination is next on the docket. We’re very proud of her.


Ivy fka. Shannon

Kristen A.

I can’t imagine my life without Ivy in it! She’s such a fun, loving, and loyal pup - never a dull moment. In this past year she has adapted to city living, although she absolutely loves to visit her cousin pups in the suburbs. By attending basic obedience and agility classes, she’s proven to be a super smart gal. Her variety of tricks and commands keep evolving over time - she loves to learn! Anywhere Ivy goes, whether it’s daycare, the dog park, or walking around the neighborhood, she tends to always make friends with everyone except birds, squirrels, and bunnies. We’re still working on being nice to Chicago’s wildlife. Overall, I couldn’t be more happy with the experience I had adopting Ivy through R&R! They are a group of helpful, dedicated, and passionate volunteers who are truly making a difference for not only the animals they rescue, but the families who adopt them. 


Carson fka. Fuji

Mccarthy Family

Our journey started when we unknowingly ran across Fuji (now Carson) while walking along the Scarecrow Festival in October.  We had always talked about eventually getting a dog but it just never felt like the right time...until of course the kids fell in love and talked endlessly about Fuji for days following our meeting him.  When I looked into it about a week later it turned out there were no other applications for him at the time as the litter hadn't been put up for adoption yet and so we pulled the trigger and surprised the kids by having his foster parent bring him to the house to "meet"  his new family.  R&R was so informative through the entire process and quickly processed the application and references and answered any and all (and there were many) questions we had.  We have been so happy that Carson has joined our family during this otherwise very crazy 2020.  He is such a good dog and we are so fortunate that he has turned out to be the perfect addition to our active family.  Carson loves having his siblings around, long walks, treats, and playing outside.  He is already so well known in the neighborhood and likes to play with other dogs.  At almost 6 months and nearly 30 pounds, his bond with each of the kids is just a little bit different and all three are always eager to have the seat right next to Carson.


Lily fka. Gala

Moehling Family

 My family adopted Gala from the Apple Babes - her name is now Lily and I like to think she’s happy with us.  She’s so smart, sweet, and gorgeous. She’s the perfect pup for us.  I think our 5 year old has a special bond with her. She was the first person to offer Lily a toy when she came home and they are often found cuddling together. Her stitches from being fixed healed with no problems and she completed her training as of today. 


Bentley fka. Robin

Byron Family

Bentley formerly Robin is amazing. We are so lucky to have her. She fits perfect in our family and is loved very much. The adoption process was so easy. It worked out perfect that we were able to foster to adopt. She has brought us so much joy and we can't imagine life without her. She is the cutest puppy her face melts our hearts. 


Toby fka. George

Kimberly S. 

Things are going great!  Toby formally George is doing wonderful.  He loves following his big sister Abby. He has made some new furry friends in our neighbor and sits in the yard waiting for them to come out and play.  Our screened in porch is a giant play pen that he loves to run around and go from toy to toy.  His cone should be coming off in the next day or two so we are looking forward to that.  We would love to be on your Happy Tail tab on your website.  When his sister gets adopted we would love to get them together for play dates if her forever family would be up to that. 


The adopted process was so easy and smooth.  It was a great experience.  Thank you for making it so.  


Ella fka. Cinderella 

Jessie & Chris S. 

Ella has been enjoying having her parents around more this year. Momma gets to work from home, and daddy has shortened hours. This means extra walks and trips to the dog park! Ella also loves field trip days to her grandparent's house. She is an absolute joy and the missing piece to our family. Ella was a finalist in one of Dogster Magazine's photo contests, and she will be featured in an upcoming issue! We can't thank A Little R&R enough for saving our beautiful baby!

Makita (1).jpg


Christian M. 

We adopted Makita on Labor Day after falling in love with her the very first time we saw her picture. We had been watching her since she was just a tiny newborn kitten, waiting for her to be available for adoption. We thought for sure there would be a wait list for her! As we waited for her to grow enough to be adopted, we started making plans for what we would do if someone else adopted her first. We decided if that happened, that would be a sign to us to help another animal in need.

However, time went on and Makita got old enough to go to a forever home. I would see requests from her foster mom for someone to adopt her, along with super adorable videos and photographs. It didn’t take long for my family and I to realize Makita was waiting for us to bring her into our family!

We met with Makita‘s foster mom on Labor Day with the intentions of getting to know Makita, and then making a decision. I think we all know what happens when animal lovers meet an animal who needs a home! LOL We instantly fell in love with her sweet demeanor and beautiful little face. We took her home that same day!

She adjusted very easily to our home. It’s my eight-year-old son who had been wanting a kitten for quite a long time, so we hoped and prayed that the kitten would be gentle with him and let him love all over her. I can assure you that those prayers were answered. Makita does not leave his side! They are best friends already and are looking forward to a long happy life together!

Thank you for making the adoption process so easy and for allowing us to bring Makita into our family! We absolutely love and adore her!

Gnomeo (2).jpg

Zuko fka. Gnomeo

Cailey P. 

Zuko! Formerly Gnomeo has adjusted so well to his new life here with his big Dog Brother, Ollie! He's also just become a big brother himself! As we just adopted another kitten named Binx! My 3 boys are the best of friends! Zuko is a huge cuddle bug and sleeps with us almost every night right by me! The adoption process was very thorough but they made it as easy and painless as possible! Truly an amazing experience!  


Annabelle fka. Blankie

Candace M.

We have had Annabelle for 3 months now. She is the sweetest dog I have ever met, so much personality that comes out every now and then. She has really warmed up to us and fits in so well. We take her everywhere we go. I can't imagine life without her! She is forever home with us.   



Andrea H. 

Just wanted to send a quick update on Charlie, who has been home for a little over a week now.  On the way home we decided he wasn’t a Tucker, he was definitely a Charlie - so he kept his name!  He’s been settling in really well and we can’t believe what a good boy he is.  He’s super sweet and loving and adores his humans.  Although he’s still a little shy in his new surroundings, he’s definitely warming up and showing more of his personality every day!  He’s been showing interest in his toys the last few days - SQUEAKERS YAY!! - and we can definitely see the puppy energy you were telling us about.  He listens well, is good with the crate, and hasn’t had any accidents.  We love him so much and are so grateful you chose us for his forever home - I already can’t imagine our lives without him!!  ️


Toby fka. Goomba

Jake G.



We adopted Toby f/k/a Goomba on April 11, 2020.  He is a welcome addition to our home and has found his place very quickly.  He is a cuddlier with some, playful with others and an amazing brother to our Lucy (4 year old dog).  He is adapting to his new environment very quickly.  He loves outside times, walks around our subdivision and exploring our house.  He has a great personality, curious, playful, inquisitive, a little sassy yet gentle at the same time.  We love having him in our home.  Thank you A Little R & R Animal Sanctuary for allowing us to adopt him and make him part of our family.


Here's a few pictures of his time getting to know us.  Thank you!  ~ The Gonnering Family

Finley fka. Courage.jpg

Finley fka. Courage

Rachel L.

This is our Finley Boy aka Courage (the cowardly dog). We adopted him in April 2020, about 2 weeks after our quarantine started. He has been the most wonderful addition to our family. He is snuggly at bedtime, playful during the day, and always up for a new adventure. He is doing wonderful in puppy training and we are so proud of all of the progress he has made. When we got him, he was afraid of everything and everyone. Although everyday items still freak him out (swiffers and boxes are terrifying), he is learning how to work up the courage to move past it! We truly lucked out with this loveable, silly puppy!  



Nick A.

We have had a wonderful first couple weeks with Bella! She is getting more comfortable every day. We are forever grateful that we have found her through your organization. Keep doing the amazing work that you all do!! 


Pam fka. Holly

Ashton G.

Pam (formerly Holly) is living the life with her fur siblings! She is growing big and strong!

Abu & Genie.jpg

Frank & Beans fka. Abu & Genie

Anna W.

We adopted Frank and Beans (formerly Abu and Genie this past January after losing our oldest cat. They filled a big void in the house and helped us so much with the grieving process. Adopting from A Little R&R was a very smooth and relatively fast experience and we could tell that your vetting process (both for the animals and the adoptive families) was thorough. The boys instantly became a well-integrated part of the family and got along almost immediately with our other cat. They’ve brought so much joy into the house which has been much-needed with everything going on this year. We can’t imagine not having them around and I’m pretty sure their older brother can’t either

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