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Mike & Judy G.

We just want to thank you and your organization for such a perfect pic for the new addition for our family she is bringing us plenty of joy and happiness have no complaints none whatsoever she is ours now and forever thank you for such a wonderful job on picking her for us.  

     Sincerely : Mike Sr , Judy

Guru (2).jpg


Thomas G. & Haley F.

He definitely loves life now he is a completely different dog then when we first got him. He was so sad and scared for the first few months, he'd hide under the table or sit in his cage and HATED car rides. Now all he wants is to go EVERYWHERE with us he'll try to push his way through you to get to the car because he thinks we're always going to the dog park (his favorite place to poop and meet humans) or to get him ice cream haha we have not found a toy he can't destroy in under 30 minutes he has gained 5 pounds since we've had him but he sucks in his guy when company is around but when it's just us he lets it hang out, we call it his home body. His name is still Guru but he now only responds to Big Guy and Bossy lol we literally couldn't have gotten luckier with him! For a bulldog he's extremely smart it took him two weeks to potty train and he's super easy to train new tricks he knows his left and right paws and also how to dramatically play dead.   We currently are long term watching a dog that is his "girlfriend" Solstice who her owner was deployed and his family couldn't take care of her so she's going to stay with us until he gets back. All they do 24/7 is play and nibble on each other. his favorite snack is watermelon and he will hunt you down for it if he knows that you're cutting it he will not leave you alone. He still gets along with our little Chihuahua but since we've gotten the other one all he's interested is wrestling with her. for a big dog he thinks he's very little he wants to be carried everywhere that Zeus is carried and will beg you to pick him up and hold him like a big baby if you don't, he'll give you his bossy attitude if you give any of the other dogs more attention than he gets!   He has his own tag on Instagram #LifeofGuru and BossiBoi



Alexia J

Here’s Radar! We kept his name cuz he knew it so well when we got him :)


Our adoption experience was great. A little R&R was amazing to work with. We definitely had an experience getting radar comfortable in his new home at first, but now he runs the house LOL. He loves to hog our king size bed every night and lay on our pillows like a human, the stray life clearly wasn’t for him!


Alexis & Sean

Mandy Sparkledust (2).jpg

Willow fka. Mandy Sparkledust

Jessica P. 

We adopted Mandy Sparkledust from you on March 11th 2018. Her name is Willow, sometimes we call her Willoughby. She has the quirkiest personality and I swear she wishes she were a cat! She only cuddles on her own terms, but hates being alone. We ended up getting her a sister from a friend.


Hazel Mae fka. Izzy

Chelsea H.

I adopted Izzy in December. She is now named Hazel Mae, we call her Hazel! She has settled right in and definitely part of the family. The thing that has surprised me most is just how awesome she is with our kids and all the kids’ friends! She is fun to be around and they all love to play with her and love on her. She can absolutely get a little grumpy with them and get that characteristic Pomeranian attitude with them, but she is so sweet and gentle even when she’s had enough attention!


She has already been on one road trip with us to Southern Indiana and did great there and again surprised me with how tolerant she was meeting new people and new dogs! She is going to Dallas with us on spring break, headed to Louisville for the Kentucky Derby in May, and then a week on a houseboat in June in Kentucky (we already have her tiny life jacket).


We have an English Mastiff, Sven, and she puts him right in his place but they get along really well and it’s so funny how careful and gentle he is with her despite his 170# size! We also have an inside cat, Link, and I would say she’d not as friendly with him! She like to bark and act big whenever he comes around! Luckily he mostly lives upstairs in my daughter’s room and Hazel almost always stays downstairs with us.


She is healthy, and eating well. The rash on her belly cleared right up and her hair is slowly growing back in from being shaved down. She will probably have her first grooming appointment in the next few weeks, but I’m very hesitant to let them do too much grooming because I really want her coat to grow back fully.


Our adoption process was fantastic. I really appreciated that everyone went out of their way to make an adoption in Indiana work. I think the background checks were really vital to be certain she was coming to a great home and that she would be the right dog for us. I think we have always been a little nervous of adopting an adult dog because we felt like we weren’t sure what we’d be getting behavior wise. But, based on my experience now, I can see that the opposite is true. When we adopted through a rescue, the foster mom and the staff we interacted with already had good experience with Izzy and we really did feel comfortable knowing what we are getting into with her both behavior and health wise.  We are really happy with our experience and would probably never buy a dog again.



Heather H.

This rescue was thorough but also quick in getting Poncho into his forever home. We had him home in about a week! You can tell that everyone involved, from the president to the foster family, genuinely cares about their animals and works tirelessly to make sure that they are going to good homes. We absolutely hit the jackpot with our puppy Poncho - he’s so sweet, great with our kids, and just all around perfect for our family. I love how this rescue gets to know each animal.

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